Unlocking the power of continuous body temperature data

  • Continuous temperature monitoring to pre-establish a base-line.
  • Detect small fluctuations and patterns in temperature to predict the onset of fever and illness; before the person is aware of their own symptoms.
  • Patterns in the data precede the onset of illness by several days.

  • Developed real-time, AI-powered, analytics engine to predict onset of illness.
  • Proven using retrospective clinical database, containing over 2.2 billion data points, captured from our wearable sensor, over 3,000 person-years of use.

  • Clinical studies planned to monitor people living with chronic lung conditions to predict exacerbations.
  • Additional potential to predict: cytokine storm; menopause, mental health episodes.
  • Potential applications in immunotherapy; immunosuppression; transplant; intravenous (IV) antibiotics therapy.

  • Patents and patents pending for use in use in health predictive applications for:
    • Continuous temperature monitoring;
    • Data analytics methods;
    • AI engine training and deployment.

The AI-analytics platform, sensor and app

  • Cloud-based, AI powered analytics platform
  • Analytics platform can be integrated with other temperature sensors and apps
  • User friendly, small, sealed body-worn or arm-band worn sensor
  • 6 months battery life in continuous use
  • Apps for iOS and Android